For all appointments please note the following requirements:

      1)    All patients are to wear masks into the office and will be required to replace the mask upon

            completion of their service.


  1. 2)  All patients are required to fill out and return medical updates electronically 24 hours prior to their appointment.  No forms will be accepted in person or will be distributed in person.  No patient can be seen without the medical update.

  1. 3)  Patients are to call the office when they arrive in the parking lot.  To insure personal distancing, the patient will be asked to stay in their car and will be called when the office is cleared and ready for their appointment.

4)Only the patient may come into the office, the exception will be :

      -Parents accompanying a minor

      -Aid or healthcare worker accompanying a patient.

  In both of the above we will require both the patient and caregiver wear a mask

  1. 5) All patients will have their temperature taken prior to coming into the office.

  1. 6) The hand sanitizing station is just inside the door and we request all patients use this when then enter and before leaving. 

  1. 7) Depending upon the situation, appointments and payments will be done over the phone or electronically so the patient will not have to spend extra time beyond their service in the office. 

  1. 8) For health and safety reasons the office door will remain locked and opened only to admit the scheduled patient.     

Keeping our patients and ourselves as safe as possible while being able to continue dental service is our

primary concern.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding dental appointments please contact us via email at

Thank you.  

Dr. Steve, Beth, and Robin